Register for QuakeCon 2018 starting Friday.


While QuakeCon entry is free, if you want to participate in tournaments or get some VIP perks, you gotta pay. And you might want to pay early as some show features will sell out long before the August start date! Here’s some information and links to get you started.

We are pleased to announce that QuakeCon 2018 ticketing will be available beginning on Friday, June 29th. Ticket sales for the BYOC will begin at 7:30 pm Central and can be purchased directly at


This year we’ve made a huge effort to improve our ticketing experience and address some of the long-standing requests from our fans. Here are some of the big improvements:

Group Ticketing

We’re excited to finally announce that we support purchasing tickets and reserving seats as a group! A single transaction can include up to 10 tickets.

Please note: Individual attendee names will be required for each ticket at the time of the purchase; matching photo ID is required for admission. No refunds, transfers, or name changes will be permitted.

We hope that families and clans can leverage this new functionality to sit together more easily than in previous events.

Seat Registration and Swag Pack Purchasing

The system we have this year allows ticket transactions to include seats and swag packs as part of the purchase. These opportunities are presented after seat selection and before payment. QdQ and UAC, as well as Swag Packs are available in limited quantities.

Please note:

  • You’ll only be able to buy one UAC Seat per transaction.
  • Swag Packs will be limited to three (3) per transaction.
  • Swag bags may only be purchased by residents of the United States (including its territories). ALL purchasers must be present at QuakeCon 2018 at the Gaylord Texan in Dallas, Texas August 9-12, 2018, and must present proof of purchase to receive the swag bag – unclaimed swag bags will not be mailed. Swag bags are not returnable or exchangeable – NO exceptions. This sale is limited to stock on hand; no rain checks are available. Void where prohibited, taxed or otherwise restricted. The product images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product(s). Products and specifications subject to change without notice.


Thank you for patience as we’ve implemented this new ticketing process for QuakeCon 2018. We have a set of Frequently Asked Questions for reference.

Is there a “queue” for tickets?
Depending on the demand when tickets are released for sale, you may be placed in a line.

How does this queue thing work?

We use the queue to make sure that tickets are sold in an orderly and fair way. Customers enter the queue in the order in which they arrive after the on sale begins. When you are placed in the queue, a unique cookie identifies you and allows us to hold your place in line. As long as your browser is open, you will not lose your place and you will be automatically taken to the checkout process when it is your turn, without needing to refresh.

What if I get an error page?

Getting an error page will not result in you losing your place in the queue or tickets in your cart. The queue is made of many, many servers. In the unlikely event that you get an error page, it is possible that you landed on a misbehaving server or group of servers. This is why we painstakingly monitor for misbehaving servers and take them out on the fly. If you encounter an error, just refresh once or twice. There is a good chance you’ll be returned onto a behaving server. If the error persists, please do not continue to refresh repeatedly — you’ll risk getting throttled or blocked.

What happens if I refresh?

The queue page will automatically take you into the checkout when it is your turn, so you should not need to refresh. Refreshing does not improve your odds of getting through the queue. If you do refresh, you will keep your place in line. That said, our load balancers will automatically throttle and even block users that it deems malicious, so don’t go overboard spamming your Refresh button.

What are the technical requirements for the queue?

To properly maintain your place in the queue, your browser must support cookies and javascript. All current major browsers support these features by default, so unless you explicitly turned the features off, you’ll be fine. The queue page will let you know in advance if we detect that your browser is incompatible.

PLEASE NOTE: You do NOT need to refresh this page. It will update automatically as you are admitted to the checkout. Activity that is deemed malicious or excessive could result in you being banned from our servers.

How many tickets can I purchase?
Up to ten (10) tickets can be purchased in a single transaction, either for General Admission and/or a BYOC seat. Then, up to ten (10) QuakeCon done Quick seat upgrade packages can be purchased in a single transaction, up to three (3) Swag Pack merchandise packages, and up to one (1) UAC VIP seat upgrade packages.

How many tickets are available?
There are over 4,500 BYOC seats that are available for reservation – more than double what we made available in 2017. Additionally, there are a limited number of remaining UAC VIP seat upgrade packages*, 250 QuakeCon done Quick seat upgrade packages, and 500 Swag Pack merchandise packages available.

When are tickets available?
All tickets, seat upgrades, and the Swag Pack merchandise packages will be available at Friday, June 29th at 7:30 pm Central.

Those who purchased a UAC VIP seat upgrade package for QuakeCon 2017 — our UAC Acolytes additionally will be contacted with first right of refusal on a presale opportunity coming next week.

I’ve ordered more seat upgrades than seats! What do I do?
Whoops! Please contact customer support at and we’ll make it right.

Are all the types of tickets for sale at the same time?
With exception to the UAC presale for 2017 UAC guests, this year all tickets, seat packages, and swag pack merchandise packages are being released for sale at the same time.

Do I need to purchase a BYOC ticket to purchase a SWAG PACK?
No, Swag Packs can be added to General Admission and BYOC tickets.