Virtual Fighting Championship launches on Steam.

VR is still a young medium (even if it’s existed since the late 90’s in some form or the other) and creators are still finding the best gameplay mechanics for it. One that’s always seemed to click right away was melee fighting.

L&L Studio has stepped up to try and definitively fill the space with Virtual Fighting Championship. VFC checks a couple important boxes. Firstly, it’s a game for two humans and not awkward AI. Or as L&L puts it:

“The game will allow its players to put on a true display of fighting skills: Jabs, hooks, crossovers, dempsey roll… you name it, all your favourite fighting moves can now be extravagantly unleashed inside the virtual arena against a REAL PLAYER to test your mettle.”

So what’s the second needed box to make a good VR fighter? Some sort of variety in gameplay. How many times have you seen people demo VR boxing and it’s just a mess of flailing limbs? In additional to the above mentioned moves you can do here in reality, L&L has added in moves you’d see more in a Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat game.

“VFC have its own versions of ‘hadoken’.Currently featuring 3 unique in-game characters, each character have their own unique abilities and attributes, creating a variety of distinctive play-styles and tactics: There is Karl who can throw devastating nuclear punches, or Poison who can use venomous gas to his advantage, and Fala who relies on using electric charged Chakram to masterfully trap and assassinate her opponent, and make no mistake, VFC shall have a continuously expanding pool of characters with cooler and better special abilities.”

So far VFC looks good and the focus on Esports is appreciated. We’ll keep an eye on the game as it launches this month.