PUBG Corp drops lawsuit against Epic Games and Fortnite.

Back in January, PUBG Corp filed a lawsuit against Epic Games for allegedly stealing concepts from their game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for use in Fortnite. The lawsuit was widely circulated across the press creating a bit of a public backlash against PUBG Corp from gamers. It seems that now the whole thing has been called off.

According to Bloomberg:

”PUBG Corp. sent a letter of withdrawal to Epic Games Inc.’s attorneys on Monday and the South Korean case has since closed, according to the website of the local court system. PUBG and its law firm confirmed the action but wouldn’t say why, nor whether a settlement had been reached. Representatives for Epic in Korea had no immediate comment.”

Not much is known about the decision to drop the case (and likely never will be) but perhaps Tencent, the Chinese mega-publisher who owns distribution (and stock) in both companies had them knock it off and play nice?