Fortnite brings back bounce pads

Fortnite has announced that bounce pads are coming back. Bounce pads were originally in the game until Epic Games decided to remove the trap and put it in the vault. One of the greatest aspects of Fortnite is the weekly updates that bring new elements to the game and occasionally bring back items from the vault. The bounce pad will work the same as before so when stepped on, the player will be launched into the air in a direction dependent on how a player hit the pad. A new element of them is that they can be put on different surfaces including on the ground, walls, roofs and can be used with shopping carts. If the bounce pad is used on a wall, the player will bounce to the side. If on the floor, then the player will be sent flying forward. The greatest component of this that players will take no fall damage. The trap behaves similarly to the moon rocks. The sound effects are the same right after a player hits the bounce pad.The new bounce pad item drops in stacks of three from chests, supply drops, llamas, or spawns normally on the ground. It is the second blue rarity trap to appear in the game, joining the ranks with the campfire.

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