Deaf Overwatch Fan creates signs in ASL to better express the game’s nuances.

Danik Soudakoff uses American Sign Language to communicate and understand the world around him as he is deaf like millions of others worldwide. While ASL does a great job at covering a lot of language basics some things just don’t have signs for them… Things like the special moves in Overwatch. This becomes problematic when watching events on platforms like Twitch and YouTube where there’s no ASL translators on screen. Folks like Danik are forced to just guess along from the game play they see and miss all the color commentary and breakdowns. Luckily for Danik, he can go to the Blizzard Arena in Burbank where live ASL translations are available.

In an extremely cool move, the Overwatch League allows Danik to work with their official ASL translator on game specific signs. The video above shows Danik’s passion for the game and his day being made as he gets to meet his favorite team the L.A. Valiant. Hopefully Esports broadcasts in the future will better integrate captions for hearing impaired persons who can’t get to local arenas.