Astro Teams With Nintendo for Pro Level Switch Headsets.

Astro Gaming has teamed up with Nintendo to make a series of gaming headsets for the Switch.

The headsets are based on the A10 model and although it isn’t Astro’s top of the line design, it’s certainly better than all other Switch headsets released so far.

Nintendo has been more forward thinking with their online / Esport offerings this generation. The big N seems to have a sharp focus on games like Splatoon 2 and ARMs where competitive play is the pillar of the experience. They’re also embracing Esports with their own sports games as seen last weekend where the Mario Tennis Aces demo was actually an online tournament!

As rumors of Fortnite and Paladins on Switch are making the rounds it’s great to see Astro stepping up with products that will help team play be a lot easier.

Check out the designs below: