Attack of the Undead Crosses Zombies mode with Multiplayer in COD WWII.

“It’s the Attack of the Undead! Zombies have invaded the Multiplayer battlegrounds of Call of Duty®: WWII, so it’s time to fight back. This limited-time Community Event features three new Multiplayer modes that mix traditional gameplay with thrilling Zombie clashes, including the Call of Duty® classic, Infected. Captain Butcher is back, and he has new gear to help the fight: five new ranged weapons, including the high-damage Blunderbuss shotgun, as well as two new melee weapons, including the epic Claymore longsword. Earn free gear by participating in the Zombie Kill Community Challenge, and even try a new limited-time Multiplayer map: Groesten Haus. The Attack of the Undead begins May 29 and ends on June 25.”