Well tonight we see something very few expected as the Defending Champs are on the ropes and in “must win” mode (twice) to earn another trip to the Finals. They’ve been held under 100 points in back to back games, something that’s nearly impossible to do even once with this loaded bunch of scoring machines.

Give credit to the Rockets, they have actually won with strong Defense, just smothering the Warriors sharpshooters from deep and even from in the paint. Tonight though they will be forced to go without stud All Star PG Chris Paul, who strained his hamstring in the final minute of Game 5. The Rockets will insert veteran Eric Gordon. Gordon is more of a scorer then a distributor, and they will need to get solid minutes from a few guys like Joe Johnson, who haven’t seen much court time in this Series. Losing Paul to me is the biggest loss any NBA team could be forced to deal with.  I expect veteran Joe Johnson to get some big minutes, as he’s played in these type of “BIG” games many times before.

The Warriors have been loose with the ball all season as they tend to play at warp speed at times. In their 2 wins, they are averaging only (8.5) turnovers per game, but in the 3 losses that number is at a horrific (16) per game. Their “BIG 2 MVP” duet of Kevin Durant and Steph Curry have not shot the ball well, especially the past 2 losses. In Game 4 loss they combined to shoot just (19-50), and an even worse (16-39) combined in the Game 5 loss on Thursday night. Durant has not been a guy who seems to want to pass, as he has a tiny 3 assists combined in the teams 3 losses to the Rockets.

The Rockets are winning but it’s almost a David Copperfield type of winning, as star, and possibly league MVP this season James Harden, shooting ice cold, with an almost impossible to even do (0-20) on his last 20 deep tries from 3-Land.


GARY’S FINAL SHOTS:                                                                                                                        OK lets face it, it would take a miracle of epic proportions for the Rockets to win this game on the Road, where the Warriors are (36-6) at Home in the Playoffs, under HC Steve Kerr, who is also (3-1) in Elimination games. Now to pull this feat off without stud, and heart of the team, PG Chris Paul, you may have a better shot hitting the lottery tonight.

The funny thing is the Rockets have actually gone a not too shabby (15-9) without Paul this season. The difference is this is the Playoffs and the Warriors as your opponent. Harden already ball hogs half the game, well actually (38%). When Paul is not on court with him, that number moves up to (40%). The Rockets might need 50 from Harden to stay in this game tonight as the Warriors will surely play with some extra pep in their step.

I could easily see if the Rockets fall behind by 15 or so early, to just bench Harden and keep him fresh for a much more winnable type game on Monday, and where the game is at Houston. At times Harden looks super tired, as he dribbles more then the Globetrotters.

Nothing here to even take a peek at the Rockets, and Sportsbooks know it, so they’ve made this the highest point spread of the Playoffs thus far. Monday is a Holiday, but it’s also going to be a big Game 7, the two words Lebron James says are the “two best words in Sports”.  If Warriors win here as expected, the most important sports story will become “can Chris Paul” suit up for Game 7 on Monday?

Have a great evening and rest of this Holiday weekend ahead and may all your wagers be winning ones.

Las Vegas Sports Handicapper Gary Greene


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