PlayStation 4 Crosses 79 Million Consoles Sold and 80 Million PSN Users.

The PS4 has been strong out of the gate and momentum hasn’t stopped yet. Sony announced at their Sony IR Day that the console has hit 79 million units sold. Of those, 80 million have a PSN account. (you can have multiple accounts per console) This is an increase of 10 million consoles sold in one year since the last report.


Following up all this success, John Kodera, President of SIE made the tweet below:

Translation: “(PlayStation 4) finally entering the end of the console life cycle”

Is it smart to discontinue a console with so much momentum? Perhaps if the next generation PS5 is fully compatible with all PS4 software it can be done on a long taper off period. Otherwise Sony may be taking a large risk in 2019 or 2020 by pressing the reset button on the console.