Well the NBA Playoffs are turning into the NBA “BLOWOUTS” and the fans are NOT happy about it. What is supposed to be the 4 best teams playing it to the wire is now becoming blowout after blowout and no game really determined past the 3rd quarter.

For the Rockets to win this Series, they were going to need Steph Curry to stay in his ice cold shooting slump. If two blowout losses in 3 games isn’t bad enough for the Rockets, now it looks like Curry has regained his “Magic” touch, which will now make the Rockets have to play a near perfect game to win, especially on the road at Golden State, where the Warriors are on a (16) game Home win streak.

Curry was missing badly for the first 10 quarters of this Series, but in the second half of Game 3, he found his long shot again and just went off like a firecracker on July 4th. He was (4-5) on 3’s in second half, and also inspired to drive to hoop hard and he made tough layup one after another. He finished with (35) points, now reopening the entire court to be covered by a Rockets Defense that simply has been very slow to the ball on passing rotation by the Warriors.

The Rockets must get more help from the number 3 guys on down, especially the starters not named Harden and Paul. Gerald Green, PJ Tucker and Trevor Ariza simply have either been great or downright horrific. They scored (68) points in the Game 2 win, but the other two games they were simply AWOL.

The Warriors may lose one of their “glue” and “heart and soul” guys tonight, as Andre Iguodala has a badly bruised knee, that may keep him out of the lineup for tonight’s game.

LAS VEGAS ODDS:  GOLDEN STATE (-8 1/2) * TOTAL: (225 1/2) vs. HOU ROCKETS (G4)


Let’s face some facts here, the Warriors are the most loaded team in decades when fully healthy. If Curry is now back to 95% or more, then the Rockets are toast. The Rockets winning style of play is fast paced and get points in transition of teams slow to get back after a missed shot. Now though it’s been way too much “ISO” play by Harden and Paul, and in the win they got the one on ones spots going with lots of time on clock, taking the Warriors out of the more tough and in your face Defense they play when Harden/Paul dribble deep into the shot clock. The Rockets were awful when they waited til the end of the 24 second shot clock in both losses, and that’s clear reason they were blown out in both losses.

Rockets HC D’Antoni has a terrible dilemma on his hands, as he wants to slow down the Warriors pace and from getting too many “three minutes of death” type spots in games where the Warriors just go off for 3-4 deep balls and get pace so fast they throw in 3 easy layups too when you try to match their long threes with one of your own, and you miss badly. The Warriors know when to pounce “HARD” and they can make a close game a blowout in 3 bad minutes by it’s opposition.

One positive for the Rockets tonight, is that in these 2018 Playoffs, off a loss, they have rebounded for a straight up win all 3 times, in fact winning those 3 games by an average of (20.7) points per game.  They won’t win here by 20 points tonight, but they would be happy as can be to go home with Series tied. My first instinct is to grab the (8 1/2) points and think the Rockets can keep this one close. Then my brain remembers Curry finally finding his deep stroke in the second half of Game 3. Betting against the Warriors in the Playoffs, especially at Home, isn’t a fun night for your tummy or your wallet. I’ll watch this one from the betting sidelines. I do expect the Rockets to ditch the one on one isolation plays by Harden/Paul and just go out and play fast, and let the chips fall as they will.  Rockets win here makes this Series really exciting. Loss means Warriors are surely going back to the Finals again.

Have a great day and may all your wagers be winning ones.

Las Vegas Sports Handicapper Gary Greene


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