VR League Returns for Season 2 via Oculus and ESL.

The VR League has returned for another season after the Unspoken and Echo Arena competitions that were featured at the IEM Katowice World Championships. Oculus and ESL have decided to expand the League to seven games this season. (see announcement below for titles)
VR Esports are of great interest in the industry but tempered by the fact that very few gamers actually own the hardware at home right now. Oculus just released the $199 Oculus Go and have a next generation, high end model on the way code named Santa Cruz. If Oculus can get headsets in homes via Esports it will be tapping a very lucrative market.
Official Announcement from Oculus:

VR League Season 2* features a prize pool in excess of $220K USD, a more flexible tournament system, and up to seven participating titles in the five-month competitive period—all leading up to the climactic grand finale at Oculus Connect 5!

We hit the ground running tomorrow, May 18, with a month of competitive urban spell-casting in The Unspoken, followed by a month of fast-paced parkour racing in Sprint Vectorbeginning June 4. We’ll unveil an additional two titles with prized competition on ESL Play during the months of July and August, plus additional action as three new games make their first foray into esports.

Echo Arena returns on May 20 with the start of a four-week competition. Last year, this fast-paced zero-g title brought out 258 players across 98 teams worldwide, and we’re excited to build upon that initial success as we continue to grow the community. Later this year, we’ll partner with Ready At Dawn to bring Echo Combat to VR League with a ladder-style competition of its own.

“Oculus is committed to fostering long-term growth of the VR esports ecosystem, and Season 2—with its new format and additional games—is an amazing next step on this exciting journey,”says Oculus Head of Esports Christopher K. McKelvy.

To that end, VR League will also support VR Master League and the grassroots community that’s developed around Dante Buckley’s mil-sim success story with an Onward Invitational event from June 16 – 17. One of three live events to be held at the ESL UK Studios, theOnward Invitational will also benefit Stack Up, a charity that supports US and Allied veterans through gaming.

VR esports represent an exciting and promising area of growth for both the VR industry and the community it supports, and we’re proud to partner with ESL to help change the game. Visit vr.eslgaming.com for more information, and follow VR League on Facebook and Twitterfor regular updates.

We’ll have more to share in the weeks and months ahead, so stay tuned!

— The Oculus Team