The entire season was on the line for the Cavs in Game 3, as another loss would’ve made it nearly impossible to come back 4 straight in this East Finals. Lebron James was scoring and putting up super stats, but the rest of the team was M.I.A., hence they were down   (2-0). But finally James got some much needed help, and it came from lots of mates.

Game 3 we saw 6 Cavs score in double digits, and we also saw the Cavs play strong Defense for the entire game, smothering C’s big guy Al Horford into his worst game in months. Horford didn’t even get off a shot in the entire first quarter and didn’t attempt his first shit until 4 mins went by in the 2nd quarter. He finished the game with an almost hard to fathom 4 shots.

In Game 3, credit mostly goes to Cavs bigs Tristan Thompson and Larry Nance, Jr. as they smothered Horford all night long, never getting out of his face on Defense.

The Celtics are unbeaten at Home and seem to just play totally different, lethargic, and out of sync on the Road, where they are now a brutal (1-5) in these Playoffs. They were on a really strong run (7-1) the prior 8 games overall, but the wheels completely fell off on both ends of the court in Game 3.

Young stud Jaylen Brown got two early fouls in Game 3, and was hesitant and unsure the entire game. Add in that whoever Lebron covered, they simply did nothing. James held his man on Defense to just (2-10) shooting and 4 turnovers. Brown ended up with only 10 points on (3-8) shooting.

The Cavs played inspired Defense but it came out hitting everything and the game was over almost as soon as it started. PG Hill hit shot after shot and had 9 points early, and the team then sank 17 from 3-land, including JR Reid hitting four bombs, this after coming into the game (0-7) in Games 1 and 2.

Boston tries not to use Horford and Baynes together too much on the court at the same time, as they are (-3) in this Series and (-24) in 150 minutes thus far in these Playoffs.

I’ve written how James has just walked back on Defense a lot, and the numbers prove it as he’s now walking back (78.7%) of the time in this Series. The reason this didn’t hurt the Cavs in Game 3 was the Cavs were hitting everything, leaving very few Celtic fast break chances.

LAS VEGAS ODDS: CLEVELAND CAVS (-7) * TOTAL: (205 1/2) vs. Boston C’s (Game 4)


Well nothing changed for the Cavs as they are really in another “Must Win” situation tonight. Will they hit 17 threes again? Likely no chance as the Celtics are the Number 1 Defensive team in the NBA and will be coming into this one very motivated, if nothing else, to play GREAT DEFENSE in Game 4.

The Cavs have guys like Korver and Reid who can get hot from 3-land, and then when you throw in Hill pitching in bigtime in scoring column, lots of lanes get open for easier baskets inside. Celtics HC Stevens is the best in the league though, and he will make the adjustments for this game where the team was lacking in Game 3.

The Cavs struggled when the Celtics allowed it’s ball handler to take his man right to the hoop in Games 1 and 2. I expect lots more of that tonight and more easy type baskets by the Celtics studs Brown and Tatum especially.

This game will NOT be a Blowout, and it will likely be very close, back and forth type scoring most of the way. Lebron doesn’t want this to be his last game at home in a Cavs uniform, so I expect he goes for 35 points tonight. Can the other cast members duplicate Game 3’s off charts shooting night? I doubt it. This one goes right to the wire.

Have a great day and may all your wagers be winning ones.

Las Vegas Sports Handicapper Gary Greene


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