Esports Viewership Spikes On Consoles. Up 95% in Early 2018.

According to NewZoo In the first four months of 2018 console viewership of Esports events has grown 95% since last year to 20 million hours on consoles.

“Two FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Champions Cups, the Call of Duty World League, and the Halo World Championship series accounted for around half of these viewership hours. Call of Duty is the most popular title, clocking 5.8 million hours, followed by FIFA 18 with 3.9 million. Activision, EA, Capcom, Microsoft, MLG, and Evo are the main event organizers in the console space. Combined, they accounted for 75% of the viewership hours between January and April on Twitch and YouTube Gaming.”

DOTA 2 and League of Legends dominate most services such as Twitch and YouTube Gaming with Counter Strike and FIFA making appearances as well. It’s good to see PUBG moving back up on the list while it’s clone Rules of Survival moves downward.

NewZoo’s game stream tracker collects a lot of interesting information. Check them out to see more.