The 10 Companies Making The Most Money From Gaming.

The Gaming Industry is one with riches to collect when you have the right products at the right time. So who’s smelting the most gamer gold?

Unsurprisingly, Tencent is the company on top of the pile. They own RIOT Games, the creators of League of Legends aka the biggest Esport of all time. They own a stake in Supercell, makers of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, two of the biggest games on mobile for years now. They own a stake in Activision Blizzard, a company in 5th place on this very list and the makers of Overwatch, Call of Duty and more. They are also a part owner of Epic Games and due to that get in on Fortnite’s PC, mobile and console record earnings. They also produce and run PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) in China to much success also on PC and Mobile. Hell, the PUBG mobile version just passed 10 million players worldwide in a month on the market. Perhaps it’s why they are looking to possibly invest almost $500 Million USD in PUBG creator Bluehole.

…And these are only the games you’re familiar with. Tencent also makes tons of China region only games including Crossfire, a shooter with 650 MILLION REGISTERED PLAYERS.

Sony slides into the #2 spot thanks to the phenomenal success of the PlayStation 4, a console that’s hit 70 Million owners.

Apple takes #3 due to the App Store, the most popular mobile gaming store.

Microsoft checks in at #4 driven by the Xbox console, PC gaming and it’s gaming subscription services that will one day become the standard in the industry.

Activision Blizzard tops #5 powered by some of the most popular game franchises on the planet. Call of Duty, Overwatch, Diablo, Warcraft, etc.

NetEase takes 6th place but perhaps dubiously so. NetEase is famous for making clones of popular games and putting them on mobile app stores. Knives Out and Rules of Survival are two PUBG clones that are basically the same game as each other under different names…  And these aren’t the only clones of PUBG they sell. There’s like four of them! They also clone games like World of Warcraft, Diablo, League Of Legends and Clash Royale with slightly different names and graphical coats of paint.

Google pops in at 7th as the owner of the Android Mobile App Store and social gaming investments.

8th is Electronic Arts, makers of Madden, FIFA, Battlefield, etc and current holders of the Star Wars licence via Disney.

9th is the 100+ year old Japanese company Nintendo who has produced some of the best selling games of all time. They’re currently busy breaking all past hardware sales records with the Nintendo Switch as well with no slowdown in sight.

10th may surprise some to be Namco Bandai but it shouldn’t. Namco is the home of iconic Pac Man (although he’s not the guy making the most money for them) and they publish several popular series such as Tekken, Soul Calibur, .hack,  and they produce games on popular anime licenses as well such as Dragonball and Naruto.

That rounds out the top 10. Thanks to Statista for compiling the list.