Well folks before this Series I picked the Celtics as the huge Dog to win this Series. Nothing yet has changed my mind. The Celtics are the better TEAM, and it’s not even close. The Cavs are older, and play like it. And the most misleading thing of this Series is Lebron James puts up this big stat sheet, but nobody who doesn’t watch tape over and over like me, sees he hardly ever hustles back to play Defense, allowing the Celtics to score much easier then they should be.

I came into this Series hearing only one line: “WHO WILL STOP LEBRON”? I said “WHO WILL STOP THE CELTICS TOP 7 PLAYERS”???  Yes Lebron gets his points, but he’s been a ball hog in this Series and once he gets into “drive mode” on set plays, he NEVER passes the ball. He’s gotten the ball, held it, and basically said “I am driving this to the basket” 17 times. Not once did he pass the ball. NOT ONCE. And guess what folks, the Celtics know this and have played stifling Defense and the Cavs are almost forced to keep hitting tough, contested shots to win. Other then James, they can’t throw the ball in the ocean.

In this second half of Game 2, the Cavs took 3 open shots, compared to the Celtics, who took 20. Most of those 20 were WIDE OPEN with no defender in sight.

If we eliminate the Raptors Series the Cavs won and look at the other 9 total games the Cavs played for Indiana and Boston, we see the Cavs have been outscored by 78 points. SEVENTY EIGHT FREAKIN’ POINTS. The Cavs are a one man Gang in Lebron, with almost zero help outside of any other player not name Kevin Love.

Basketball when played by two evenly matched teams comes down to loose balls, deflections, and who wins 50-50 balls and who is willing to box out on every shot. So fat the Celtics lead in Deflections (28-18), in 50-50 balls (24-17), and in Box outs (93-64). These numbers prove the Celtics have completely outplayed the Cavs to a level that proves the Cavs really aren’t that good. Cavs not named Lebron have shot (39%) from field, (22%) from 3-land and have score a meek 60 points total per game. The Cavs have a total of (16) fast break points in 2 games so far. The Celtics have turned it over (8.9) % of the time so far, making the Cavs earn every hoop they get.

Marcus Morris was laughed at after he claimed he was second best guy to cover Lebron. So far, in 56 plays where Morris covered Lebron 1 on 1, the King has scored a laughable 11 points. In two games, 11 points. Morris is completely smothering James and James has 4 baskets combined in two games when Morris covers him. Who is laughing now?

The Celtics have now won 7 of it’s last 8 games. They get double digit scoring from 6 players, with any of the six capable of 25+ points in any given game. The Cavs so far have James and Love and that’s it. JR Reid has been given a F- so far and thats only because we can’t give a “Z”.

I said it before Series I truly believed Lebron didn’t really want to go to a Finals he KNEW this sorry bunch couldn’t win, as that Final Loss would become his 6th and rank him all time as the most Series LOSSES ever by a player. He’s smart, he’s scoring and filling the stats sheet, and unnoticeably lazy getting back on D. When they lose this Series, he can cry the GM/Owner didn’t provide him a good supporting cast, and he can leave town saying “he was cheated” so the fans won’t be too angry for his second departure out of town. But remember this, he was part of the reason too.

LAS VEGAS ODDS: (GAME 3) CLEVELAND CAVS (-6 1/2) * TOTAL: (206 1/2) vs. Celtics


I will be rooting for me Celtics here of course, but I won’t take a bet on this one as I see more value in the Total side. The Cavs usually play well on Offense at Home, as the home crowd does provide energy. Korver has ability to get hot from deep, and Reid is overdue to score, heck 10 points today would feel like 50. You will see one thing all day long, LEBRON A “BULL IN A CHINA SHOP” as he will likely abandon the deep jumper, and bulldoze his way into the paint every chance he gets. He will get foul calls, and I can see this game getting very chippy, which usually leads to rougher style play and lots of foul calls and plenty more foul shots. The Cavs know they have to speed the flow of the game up and Cavs HC Lue told PG Hill to get ball and get it passed upcourt super fast today for Game 3. Wow, genius coaching, shame for Cavs fans it’s two games too late.

Should be an entertaining game and will be interesting to see if Cavs players quit again first time they get punched in mouth hard, like they have often when being outplayed for a 6-7 min period during these Playoffs. It’s being called a “must win” game for Cavs, but the reason it is, is because they have sucked badly in first two games. We’ve seen many teams in these spots end up getting swept in Series, all due to fact they simply weren’t that good and the opponent was.

I only heard before Series, “who will cover/stop Lebron”? I said it 100x and will say it again “who the hell is going to cover the 7 stud Celtics players”?

Have a great weekend and enjoy the game and may all your wagers be winning ones.

God Bless,

Las Vegas Sports Handicapper Gary Greene


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