Get a Master’s Degree in Esports via Dreamhack.

ISDE in Barcelona Spain has teamed up with Dreamhack to offer a formal Esports education course. The course covers the major pillars of Esports such as:

  • Competition Management
  • Event Production
  • Team Management
  • PR & Marketing
  • Media Production and Distribution
  • Esports Law

These courses combine to award a Master’s Degree for students who complete the track and all said, it could be impressive. As ISDE is a Law School as well, those courses will be a competitive advantage for them.

Joining Marcus Lindmark, CEO Of DreamHack, on the project is Ralf Reichert, CEO of ESL. 

Dreamhack and ESL are two of the biggest names in Esports internationally so even if the School is an unknown, they certainly are not.

I expect to see many more schools adopt Esports very soon.