A fantastic ending to an awesome gaming show that features everything from AR and VR enabled casino gaming content to skill gaming to esports data. I would note that one of the largest booths at the show from a square meter standpoint was a booth dedicated to esports data and competition. Not surprising to me. Ended the show meeting up with Darren Blinn of IGT to discuss trends in the gaming industry, Keith McDonnell who is completing his move to the USA with his family this summer and with whom I expect to be collaborating on various sports betting initiatives in the USA, Andrew Jarrett of lottery platform fame and mutual friend to Gideon Van kessel and Tim Richards of Everi – a longtime friend and colleague. Next stop Hong Kong to meet with business partner Viktor Romaniuk Wanli of So pleased at the progress Viktor has made with Kinguin’s ICO! And then on to Shenzhen Mainland China. Stay tuned!!

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