Senate Sides Again with Net Neutrality in 52-47 Vote.

After a 52-47 vote, Senate has moved to re-instate Net Neutrality protections after they were abruptly repealed by the FCC last December in what looked like politically driven hand wringing. The “Restoring Internet Freedom Order” bill was created to rescind Net Neutrality and give back the ability for corporations and utilities providers to pay money or trade favors so that content from one provider could be prioritized over another.

In December of 2017 FCC Chairman Ajit Pai led a successful vote to repeal the Net Neutrality Act in full by June 11th, 2018 but Democrats moved quickly to put forth a resolution via the Congressional Review Act (CRA) called “resolution of disapproval”. The CRA allows Congress to review and reject federal agency rules and decisions under particular time constraints. The 60 day accelerated vote passed in the favor of neutrality.

In short, it worked but the fight is long from over. Next the bill goes to the House of Representatives where Democrats are 25 votes shy from a majority. That means that 25 Republicans will need to see the value in an open Internet enough to vote against their party line. The HOR will have until the end of the 115th Congress, on January 3, 2019 to pass the bills so there’s time to convince your representative to side with Internet Freedoms.

If you are a gamer and unsure why this should matter to you, check out the great video below by YouTube creators at Pretty Good Gaming.