Well the Rockets waited all season for a crack at the Warriors and the final result was a “hard thud” as they lost not only Game 1, but the Home Court Advantage they played so well all regular season to earn.

Many folks will see Rockets star James Harden with over 40 points and say he must’ve played a great game. He was terrible. He was as bad on Defense as he could possibly be, and after game he said he was “tired”. He was likely tired from dribbling more in Game 1 then the 3 Warriors stars, Durant-Curry-Thompson combined.

I was very shocked that Houston seemed to be a step behind the entire night. But please take note, the final score was very MISLEADING.  Most see a double digit win by Golden State, I see a game where the Rockets missed 7 easy “BUNNIES” (easy layups and easy tap in shots), and what made those easy baskets not scoring two points on the scoreboard, all 7 times they missed a bunny, the Warriors raced down court for either a layup or wide open 3 pointer. You can’t help the Warriors out by giving them easy transition baskets and I’d fully expect that won’t happen tonight again.

Houston this season was (50-5) this year when Chris Paul, Harden and Clint Capela all played in the same game. That is simply hard to ignore and so I have no doubt the Rockets will play better then they did in Game 1, especially in the third quarter, where the Warriors basically took them out for good.

Golden State’s three headed scoring machine monster of Durant, Curry and Thompson shot (80%) of the teams shots in Game 1. That is the highest percentage ever in one game by that trio (most prior was 75%).

Houston in the first two rounds of this years Playoffs averaged only (9.8 turnovers per 100 possessions). That was good for 2nd best in Playoffs history. In Game 1 they had 16 turnovers. You can’t beat many bad teams with that high a turnover night, let alone beating this Warriors loaded bunch.

The Good news for the Rockets is the last time the Warriors started a Series on the Road, they won the first game as well, but then lost Game 2 (138-98), to the Clippers. They also got spanked badly by the Pelicans on the Road in their last Series.



I fully expect a better effort by the Rockets tonight, but this Warriors team is just not team you want to be betting against as right now Durant is simply the best Player on the court, and that’s saying a ton with so many really elite Superstars all playing in this Series. I expect this one to be higher scoring then the last one, as Houston simply needs to dribble less and get the fast break going before the Warriors “D” can set up. But the oddsmakers know that too and have the Total very high.

Enjoy the game tonight and may all your wagers be WINNING ones!

God Bless,

Las Vegas Sports Handicapper Gary Greene


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