NBA EASTERN FINALS: CAVS @ CELTICS (Game 2) – Tuesday May 15, 2018 PREVIEW!

Cavs look to rebound off worst Playoff Game ever by Lebron James!

Throughout these NBA Playoffs, one thing has continued to stay exactly the same and in fact “PERFECT” so far. That is the Celtics are still unbeaten at Home at TD Garden, going (8-0) and also a perfect (8-0) ATS (Vegas odds) as well. This team continually counted out after one big injury after another, just keeps winning big games.

I wrote before this Series started why I liked the Celtics, the giant Underdog, to win this Series. Game 1 proved me right on every account as the Celtics just beat the Cavs in every department en route to a 25 point win in Game 1. They held King James to 15 points, and forced him into (7) turnovers, which amazingly was more then his shots made (5).

The Cavs live and die with James a one man gang, and the rest of the team really just mad bombers from behind the 3-line. In Game 1, the Cavs missed their first 14 three’s and finished a horrific (4-26). This Cavs Defense was almost worst in NBA (29th) during regular season and hasn’t been much better this Postseason (now 10th of 16 Playoff teams).

The Celtics just owned the paint in Game 1, scoring at will vs. the hapless Cavs “D” for (60) points. The Celtics switch off to go cover the open man better then any team in the NBA and it showed over and over in Game 1 as the Cavs were rarely wide open nor was James able to just “bull in the China shop” like he normally does. The Celts “D” would use 2 and even 3 men to crowd on him once he attempted to get into the paint area. After 1 quarter James just gave up and took fade back jumpers, which he missed badly on over and over.

The Cavs had one bright spot and that was using past starter Tristan Thompson more minutes then his past games this Playoffs, and he came thru with 3 nice tip back misses and he played decent on Defense, really the only Cavs not to get a “F” grade.

Lebron James says “I have zero level of concern at this stage”. Well deep inside he knows he’s now shitting bricks as his team is over matched badly by the younger and quicker Celtics players. All I heard for a week was “How will the Celtics stop Lebron”? I laughed every time asking “how the hell would this crap Cavs “D” cover the Celtics entire team?

The Celtics are (37-0) when up 2 games to none in any Series all time. So a win tonight would make the Cavs comeback to win this Series nearly impossible. For the Cavs to win, King James must get great games from Korver, Reid and Love shooting 3’s. Problem is the Celtics put stud Al Horford on Love and young J. Brown on Korver, both who just stifle the older Cavs into tough shots the entire night.

The Celtics are the most balanced team in these Playoffs, as 6 players now are averging double digits, and not one has an Ego, and any given night, any of those 6 could get (25+) points. The Cavs only chance to win is get into a full court “run and game” shootout as the faster the pace, the less likely the Celtics get to match up close “man on man” when the Cavs are forced to run “set plays”.



I fully expect Lebron James to force his way into paint every chance he gets, hoping refs either allow bully ball or even better, he gets refs to call touchy fouls on Celtics defenders. Korver was hot before Game 1, and so was Love. Both “MUST” get (20+) points to help James out. If not, won’t matter if Lebron gets 40.

Celtics Head Coach is now best HC in the NBA and Cavs HC Lue around the bottom 5 worst. The Cavs beat the Pacers but were outscored by 40 points in the Series. The Celtics win by 25 means they’ve been outscored by (65) points their last 8 games. Yes they survived the Pacers, but the Pacers more lost that Series then the Cavs won it.

Can the Cavs finally end the now best home court in the Playoffs of the Celtics at TD Garden?  A loss tonight to fall back (2-0) will be almost impossible to overcome, so this one will likely be a top notch effort by James. Can his supporting cast help chip in? I surely wouldn’t bet on that.  Should be a run and gun style shootout and I’d expect the Cavs to not sure all blanks again from 3-land….making for a tightly contested Game 2.

Enjoy the game and may all your wagers be winning ones!

God Bless,

Las Vegas Sports Handicapper Gary Greene


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