Well for a half dozen teams in the NBA who basically tanked the season away to get the better shot at one of the ping pong balls to pop up right, tonight is the night we find out if any of the tanking was worth it.

The Suns lead way with (25%) chance to grab the overall #1 pick, followed by Memphis (19.9%), Dallas (13.8%), Atlanta (13.7%), Orlando (8.8%), Bulls (5.3%), KIngs (5.3%), Cavs (Nets draft slot), (2.8%),  Knicks (1.7%), Sixers (Lakers draft slot), (1.1%), Pistons (0.7%), Clippers (0.6%). Nuggets (0.5%). The Celtics will get the Cavs pick from Nets if it falls into the (2-5) pick slot range.

The draft pool this year is best I’ve seen it in years. They are saying the top 3 are D. Ayton, L. Doncic and M. Bagley.  How nice would one of these 3 guys looking wearing Boston Celtics green? The draft is never a sure thing, and many top 3 picks have turned into total busts. For these bottom feeder teams, they MUST get these early draft picks right, as their futures depend on it.

I am not big on rewarding teams for total failure seasons, but this is the new age and how it works. The Cavs, Sixers and maybe Celtics, will likely see the “rich get richer” as the top tier talent in this Draft easily goes to Top 10 selections, including multiple 7 foot bigs who are long and can run the floor and really block shots. Many teams in desperate need of the old style taller Centers, so this draft a likely Blessing.

Many teams fans don’t have much to root for, but for one night, they can have a little fun and DREAM a little brighter. Too bad for most teams, the Warriors and Celtics and now Sixers aren’t going anywhere the next 5 years, so they won’t be hoisting any Championship Trophy any June ahead for long while.

God Bless,

Las Vegas Sports Handicapper Gary Greene


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