Overwatch League bans “FU” jerseys worn by Philadelphia Fusion.

The Philadelphia Fusion had to change clothes before the finals of the Overwatch Contenders Series when league managers decided that it was distasteful.

So what does the “FU” stand for? Fusion University, a team sponsor. OW League Managers made the players change into black T-Shirts for their grand finals matches much to the confusion of Joe Marsh, the Fusion CEO.

When you consider that a character in Overwatch wears a belt with “BAMF” stamped on it (Bad Ass Mother F#cker) it becomes a bit confusing why “FU” on a team jersey isn’t permitted on stage.

That said, Fusion took the championship win in their plain little black shirts.

There was no lasting upset with the request of a clothing change but it does raise questions on Blizzard’s policies and how they may define dress code going forward… Maybe even for McCree and his belt!