Fortnite Mobile has made $50 Million in less than two months.

There’s no drought of stories about the massive success of Fortnite but it just keeps powering through earnings milestones that are hard to ignore. The mobile version of Fortnite has been out for almost two months now. The game impressively stands almost toe to toe with it’s PC and Console versions on most phones and due to that, the game features cross play between the platforms.

Once players download the free to play game they seem to be buying battle passes (rewards systems) and cosmetic skins like it’s ice water shipped free to hell. According to Sensor Tower The mobile game has brought in $50 Million dollars since release on March 15th and it doesn’t look to be slowing down. The core game across all platforms earns around $1 million dollars per day!

Chart showing Fortnite's gross revenue from launch to May 1, 2018

Epic Games has something special in their hands. Expect to start seeing the term “historic” attached to Fortnite news over time.