New PS4 H1Z1 Video has been Released and it looks better than on PC.

ShackNews has released some new exclusive H1Z1 game play for the PlayStation 4 version of the Battle Royale elder and it’s impressive. The video is raw game play featuring driving, shooting, looting and some of the most piss poor player skills you’ve ever seen. (Love ya guys but c’mon!)

The PS4 version of H1Z1 is currently in a closed beta with an open beta coming May 22nd. Even so it’s looking very, very good. The consensus is that it currently looks and plays better than it’s PC counterpart! On PS4 Pro the game runs at a smooth 60 frames per second and features new environmental effects and a different color pallet.

H1Z1 is console exclusive to PS4 (for now) most likely in response to PUBG being exclusive to Xbox. It’s a unique situation as on the PC the two games battled it out with PUBG the clear winner for sales and player base. Now the fight has reset with H1Z1 having several advantages this time. H1Z1 is free to play and exclusive to a console with 70 million owners vs. the Xbox One with 30 Million. H1Z1 could very well beat PUBG on this front.

If the above game play is a bit too raw or long, check out some highlight and commentary vids.

Gamespot condensed version:

BigfryTV’s look with PC comparison commentary:

Fivekay with the no-pants update: