PUBG : War Mode Is Back / Item Trading Is Gone

The popular War Mode is returning to PC PUBG this weekend but this time on Miramar. “Desert Knights” will pit 10 five player squads against one another using a better loot pool than the Erangel War Mode did. Players will spawn with level 3 helmets and vests along with power weapons (usually found only in airdrops) such as the M249 SAW, Groza, AWM, MK14, M24, etc. The first team to 200 points wins and respawns are indeed still turned on. This all starts May 3rd at 11PM EST.

On the negative side of things, player trading of in game items has been temporarily halted due to it being abused by third party sellers.

Via PUBG Corp.

Starting today, we’re going to temporarily turn off access to “personal trades” for all PUBG items.

Some context: Normally, players can trade items using either the “Market trade” or “Personal trade” features. “Market trade” lets you sell items through the Steam market system. “Personal trade’” is supposed to allow friends to trade items without any costs attached.

Recently, though, we’ve seen a few cases of players using the personal trade function to sell items using third party sites. This is essentially an abuse of the system. To prevent this, we’re temporarily turning off personal trades while we search for a better solution. Once we figure out a way to prevent abuse, the restriction will be lifted.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you understand!
PUBG Corp.

Hopefully controls can be put in place to nip the issue in the bud so PC players (and hopefully Xbox in the future) can get back to trading clothes as they see fit.