Overwatch Hackers in Korea arrested and fined $10,000

Since June 21st, 2017 creating and distributing hacks for games in South Korea is illegal and can carry a fine of up to $50,000 and five years in prison. South Korea is in many ways the birthplace of modern Esports. The nation took to competitive gaming very quickly making titles such as Starcraft household names.It’s natural they would be one of the first to defend them as well.

Teaming up with the Seoul National Police Agency Cyber Security Department, Blizzard has helped in the arrest of 13 Overwatch hackers. These hackers have received different levels of punishment, some getting probation while others are shouldering fines up to $10,000 USD. (10 Million South Korean Won)

With Esports a billion dollar industry upon it’s self, hacking can cause millions of dollars in damages or kill off the games they target.Hopefully this sort of enforcement can spread worldwide soon.