Smash Bros. Switch to be E3 focus for Nintendo.

As we near the magical time of E3 where the next year (and more) is laid out by the major players in the gaming industry, we start to see where the focus will be for major publishers. Nintendo’s focus seems to be Smash Bros. Switch.

On Tuesday, June 12 at 9 a.m. PT Nintendo will broadcast their E3 Direct stream for the public. We are being told that Smash Bros. is the title with the most screen time and attention.

Smash Bros. has been a phenomenon since it’s release all the way back on the N64 and stands beside other fighting games  equally when it comes to community and importance in the competitive scene. (Although the Smash Community it’s self is unique to the others) We’re excited to see how it shapes up and the reaction by major orgs such as CEO