Splatoon series crosses 10 Million sold. A win for less violent esports.

Nintendo’s Splatoon series has been a hit since it’s release on the labored Wii U console. Featuring a very cool animated art style and gameplay akin to a paintball match where the goal was to hit the walls and floor just as much as the opposing players, Splatoon has taken a place in the all ages Esport lineup.(Shared by very few other games such at Rocket League)

Splatoon 2 has certainly benefited from being on Nintendo’s fastest selling console of all time (Switch) with 6 million copies sold vs the first title that succeeded despite being on the slowest selling Nintendo console of all time Wii U moving just under 5 million. (Virtual Boy doesn’t count guys)

This puts the Splatoon series at almost 11 million sold according to Nintendo (10.95)

Splatoon has had several high profile tournaments in Japan and the US so far and it’s popularity should drive more of them in the future allowing Esports orgs another much needed all-ages title for their event lineups.