Fortnite Season 4 : Dusk for Tilted Towers – Dawn for Superheroes?

So what do we know about season 4? Absolutely nothing concrete. Move along… No wait, we can figure this out.

It appears from a tweet on the Fortnite account that indeed the meteors that have been hinted about, telescoped and are now visible in the sky will hit the island at some point soon. In addition, data miners have found actual impact sounds already in the game for when these celestial collisions will happen.

Via Gamerant

“The newest piece of evidence regarding the Fortnite theory that a meteor is about to hit the game’s map comes in the form of some datamined files. Patch v3.6.0 was recently released for the game and in addition to adding a sticky grenade item, it also included some hidden files that directly reference a meteor strike. The audio files are labeled with things such as “Meteor_Almost_Landed,” “Meteor_BreakOpen,” “Meteor_Distant_Explosion,” “Meteor_Sonic_Boom,” along with several, very blatant titles. These sounds have also been compiled into a video, embedded below.”

So the meteors are going to hit and most likely Tilted Towers (at a minimum). But what’s with the superhero head? Will these meteors give players special powers? Are we about to see an Avengers type collection of players who receive abilities beyond those of mere mortals?

Or is it Meteor Man? It’s probably Meteor Man.