Team Vitality and Gaming Campus Partner for Educational Program

As Esports explosive growth continues so does the need for trained players, managers, broadcast producers, graphics artists, social media managers and  etc to power events, products and broadcasts.

Team Vitality is partnering with the French start up Gaming Campus to deliver a method of specialized esports training not just for players, but a myriad of specialized roles.

As per Team Vitality’s Announcement::

“This collaboration is structured around 4 points:

– The Team Vitality promising players are trained during 1 year within the Gaming Academy.
– Professional Team Vitality players take a continuous training in Gaming Academy, to improve their in-game performances and anticipate their reconversion.
– Team Vitality participates to the Gaming Academy Selection Committee
– Fabien Devide (President of the Vitality Team) is the sponsor of the Gaming Academy

A selection of Vitality players will take the “gaming academy” ’s specialized training program, an e-sport course unique in Europe, offered by the “Gaming Campus”, which will open in October 2018, in Lyon. This e-sport course will combine an e-sport performance program and a Bachelor level education.

For instance, players will be trained in Media Training, video games monetization, public speaking, data analysis, business creation, business development, English and French applied to the sector of video games …

Never before has a professional e-sport team invested in the educational support of its players and in a process of continuous training. Team Vitality is proud to be a forerunner in this field.”

This move follows others such as Team Liquid who partnered with Alienware for their own training and production studio yet it stands apart with a dedication to training outside of skills only used to win matches. This project is more of a full academy in scope thanks to the involvement of Gaming Campus.

EsportsObserver reports:

“The campus has received private funding from a number of individual investors including Julien Lopizzo, co-founder of the Apollo Group, and Vivendi co-founder Patrick Amiel. Located in Lyon, France, the 1,200 square meter campus will feature three programs:

– Gaming Business School is a management school that will train students for careers in the video game industry.

– Gaming Academy is a program for aspiring professional players that will train them in media skills, business development, and more.

– Gaming Guru is an open coaching service pairing professional players with players looking to improve.”

Education and training for Esports future workers is a very important thing as the industry grows. As an event producer who’s been around since the start of the space, I can confirm that players have just had to get lucky with no roadmap to becoming a pro or building their brand through the early years. In the same vein, the producers, engineers and broadcasters we’ve traditionally used in event production are adapted from different fields and disciplines. A proper educational roadmap into the industry would benefit the employers just as much as the hopeful applicants.