H1Z1 Pro League Scoring System In Flux?

The H1Z1 Pro League, currently under way in Las Vegas, NV, established a ruleset for scoring that values action and kills, which is not necessarily the focus of a “last man standing” Battle Royale model, which can reward fight avoidance in the early and middle portions of a match. We understand that there has been significant push back by the player community, over this weighting of the scoring model, and tiered multipliers for points accumulated by kills. It may be that the Player-Centric H1Z1 Pro League is taking this feedback seriously as, at the time of this posting, explanations of the H1Z1 Pro League scoring system are no longer available on the Twin Galaxies website.

We’ll provide more information on any potential or finalized changes in scoring for the H1Z1 Pro League here, as we learn them.

Until then, we’re only six hours away from Match 2, playing and streaming live on Facebook, from Las Vegas, NV, at http://Facebook.com/H1Z1ProLeague, Wednesday, April 25th at 7:00 PM Pacific Time.