Well for most NFL teams, if you have no stud QB, you likely don’t go to far and more times then not, you’re not even a Winning team. This years Draft will give Hope again to 6 teams who are in need of a new talented young QB, whether it’s to step in right now, or whether it’s to step in for a teams aging QB very close to retirement. Everyone wants to step in and play right away, but for most of the six young studs who will be picked early, waiting it out and learning the NFL game and all its angles, is really the Best Option, as none of these 6 is QB ready for the NFL game just yet.

The hapless Cleveland Browns hold all the keys to the Draft, with the number 1 and 4 picks, giving them the QB pick of the litter, or even going off the QB thinking and taking super stud RB Saqoun Barkley, the biggest freak in years at the Combine and possibly the best all around RB to enter the Draft in decades. If they were to choose RB first, which is the way I’d go, they still have likely 4 of the 6 QB’s to choose from with the #4 pick. Now that may be a little less, since UCLA QB Josh Rosen has publicly said “Do not pick me”.

This Draft is loaded with guys, not playing QB, that will step in Day 1 and be major contributors. NC State DE Bradley Chubb, may be the most dominating Defensive Player to enter the Draft in many years, so whoever gets him, their Defense will improve greatly immediately. Very few people talk about anyone but the QB’s and Chubb and Barkley, but this Draft has some hidden gems. I watch College Football game tapes for hours on end during the season, to help me get an edge with my daily bets. Teams even in the teens picking will all end up with some serious upgrades at positions most of them are likely in dire need for.

Nobody ever thinks taking an Offensive Lineman is a solid pick. To me it’s the best pick you can make unless you are in need of that QB or DE spot. You can NOT win in the NFL if your QB has no time to pass, and has to run for his life the entire game. You can have all the best talent outside that O-Line, but it’s worthless unless the QB has time to throw. Some team, likely the needy at every position Colts, will snare Notre Dames Quentin Nelson, Guard. This kid has tremendous upside, excels at pass block and run blocking as well, and should be a cornerstone piece for many years to come. Colts QB Luck needs protection as his O-Line has been brutal for past few seasons. They can Not afford another Luck injury. The Colts should walk away from this Draft with lots of nice added pieces, and I could even see this team pulling off a blockbuster trade with a pick or two to move down, but acquire lots additional picks in the process. The Draft can be cruel, so you need lots of picks and then you just hope a little over half pan out. Former Cowboys HC Jimmy Johnson used the trading formula to grab an extra 4+ players a draft, and many times a guy picked in 6th round can turn out to be All Star talent.

If I was picking the QB of my teams future, I’d pick UCLA’s Josh Rosen. He’s the best pure passer in this draft and I expect he will play for many years at the highest level. His only negative is that he is fragile, injured often at UCLA. If you want to go with a long term process guy, you take Josh Allen, as his arm is as loaded as ever coming into the Draft. He can easily throw the ball downfield 80 yards. Even on scrambles out of the pocket he can pass it 55 yards dead on the money. He is just raw, and didn’t really play much strong competition at Wyoming.

The guy though that may turn this Draft into a complete frenzy if picked before Pick #10 is Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield. He’s as intriguing a pick as I’ve ever seen. If he’s 4 inches taller he’s likely talked about as best QB in Draft. But he 6′ 0″ and so that to many is a problem. The Browns in the past day have made it known they might select Mayfield with the #1 pick. Say what? This would start this years Draft with a earthquake size tremor and send half the teams War Rooms into a frenzy so bad the phones for some of them might lose power from so many calls coming in to make a trade to move up.

I absolutely love Barkley and he’s my top pick, with only Chubb a close second. Will he go number 1 to the Browns? Likely not. That leaves the door wide open for the NY Giants to select him at #2. But if Mayfield goes #1, that leaves Darnold, Rosen and Allen available and QB Eli Manning isn’t playing for many more years. They desperately need his replacement, and this years Draft is loaded with some stud RB’s, a few who likely will be available in the early picks of  Round 2, leaving the Giants in still a good position to grab a RB with it’s early Round 2 selection. This could be a huge winning Draft Day for the Giants, who are in need of a ton of key positions.

Being a Redskins fan, I feel great about our #13 pick this year and feel we win big with either DT Vita Vea or DT Da’Ron Payne. Both are beasts who will really help their biggest need, stopping the Run. The Redskins were dead last in the league in stopping the run last year, although huge injuries were a big factor there. With the guys hurt returning to the lineup healthy, and one of these two large bodies added, they will Not be in the bottom of that category again. In the NFL, if you can’t stop the run, you simply can’t be a contender. The interesting part of this #13 pick for the Skins is the fact they pick 2 slots ahead of Arizona, a team in desperate need to grab one of those elite 6 QB’s available. With teams like the Patriots having many extra early picks, do the Skins get a call from a team like the Pats, who maybe love one of those 6 QB’s, to make a deal? I’d be all for it, moving down, adding some picks and restocking the cupboard.

Most years you can almost know the Top 10 guys and outside that one shocker pick where some team loves a guy so much they over reach for him, this Draft may turn out to be the most head scratching, most exciting, most talked about Draft in decades. The drama and many expected trades will have some fans jumping for joy, and some in tears and throwing stuff at their TV’s. This is “MUST WATCH TV” and have your snacks close by as you don’t want to miss a thing.

Oh and if having a Parrot call out your pick, what the Bucs will do with reading it’s 4th round pick, RB Barkley’s girlfriend delivered a baby girl this morning. Let’s just finally get this Party started, it’s going to be a helluva few days. It’s the one long weekend where all teams fans have inspired Hope for the future.


OHIO STATE C BILLY PRICE – (6′ 4″ – 305) Stud who was hurt and combine and will likely slide to mid to late 2nd Round, when originally had chance to be late first rounder. Fantastic blocker in both pass and run game.

RB SONY MICHEL – this kid to me a close second to Barkley, as he gained (16.5 yards per carry) vs. a strong Oklahoma D anda (7.0 yards per carry) vs. Bama top rated D. He could sneak into late first round, but likely goes around pick #40, which is in range of my Redskins #44 pick. He will be a steal at that spot and remember folks, a Rookie RB led the NFL in Rushing the past 2 seasons (Elliot and Hunt).

RB NICK CHUBB – the other half of the Chubb brothers who will shine in the NFL. This kid took over for Gurley at Georgia and a terrible knee injury ended a season early for him. But along with the other part of the Bulldogs two headed monster (with Michel), he returned from that bad injury to play in 28 games, averaging (6.3) yards per carry, showing no signs injury holding him back from competing at an elite level. Love this kid.

WR CHRISTIAN KIRK – two years ago if he comes out, he’s likely a first round pick. But some just above average numbers this past season, working again with a new QB, one who wasn’t that good, and now he likely goes mid 2nd round. This is kid will be a fine grab and play a long time in the NFL, and he should also excel as a solid punt returner too. Think: Julian Edelman (Patriots).

Las Vegas Handicapper Gary Greene


*Gary Greene is a longtime Professional Sports Bettor and Winning Sports Handicapper in Las Vegas for over 3 decades and one of the most respected in Las Vegas, appearing in over a dozen of the top Casino Sportsbooks and also Publisher of a Weekly Football Betting Magazine for 25 years.