PUBG Global Invitational – $2 Million up for grabs.

PUBG Corp / Bluehole has announced a $2,000,000 tournament set for Berlin Germany July 25th – 29th. 20 qualifying teams will battle it out in the biggest event the playerbase has ever seen.

The finals are being hosted directly by PUBG Corp / Bluehole and will feature an advanced in-game camera system not present in any other tournament so far.

This system will allow the streaming team to zoom in and out of the action very quickly and present an extremely dynamic view from the battlefield. (Something Battle Royale games have needed for a while to make more entertaining sports style broadcasts) PUBG also features a replay system where the game keeps track of all the action allowing re-creation replays of any great moments missed in the chaos of 100 people clashing at once.

This seems to play into PUBG creator Brendan Greene’s recent  announcement that they were gearing PUBG up to be a proper Esport.

Battle Royale games are shaping up to be the next driving force in Esports despite some technical and logistical hurdles organizers are currently experimenting with.

Twin Galaxies has so far been the most successful with the BR game H1Z1 developed by Daybreak Studios. TG created a massive circular stage specially designed for Battle Royale events and has partnered with high profile companies such as Ceasar’s Entertainment for the H1Z1 Pro League.  Epic Game’s Fortnite has been leveraging the star power of its famous players into promotional  (and record breaking) tournaments  but no doubt will debut an official Esports program very soon.

As one of the first Battle Royale games to hit the market, PUBG is now facing the massive competition created by its own success in titles such as Fortnite. (and rumored  Battle Royale games from both the Call of Duty and Battlefield series coming soon)

The next moves PUBG Corp makes will be very important to the game’s ability to keep up with the trend it started.

The $2 Million Dollar PUBG event will feature qualifier and partner tournaments from around the world. As soon as more info in announced we will let you know where to go for your chance at the prize.