Ninja in Vegas – Records broken with 679,000 viewers.

Over the weekend Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, ex Halo Pro and current Fortnite streaming phenomenon made history as the first Las Vegas gaming headliner.

Tyler teamed up with the newly opened Esports Arena at Luxor to offer $2500.00 to any players who could kill him in Fortnite, Epic’s new Battle Royale (And media darling) game.


“I did not think [starting to play Fortnite] would be here, ever. That’s just because, I don’t think a game has ever done this. You have popular esports games like League of Legends and those are obviously super popular and competitive, but a game that’s gone viral and infected the world, really, especially with a younger audience, it hasn’t happened since Minecraft, in my opinion,”

Tyler only won a single match out of nine during the event but that didn’t dampen his or anyone else’s spirit. The production was a celebration of Tyler’s celebrity, Fortnite’s amazing rise in popularity and gaming in general.

By the end records were broken with 679,000 peak viewers on Twitch and an arena full of overjoyed competitors.

How much higher Tyler’s and Fortnite’s fortunes will rise we don’t know… But we can’t wait to find out.