Let’s first look at the NBA Playoffs and see how the tally looks now through (24) overall games. Nothing totally shocking as far as wins and losses, but the Average Joe bettors are enjoying a very profitable Playoffs on the Hardwood thus far. The Favorites on Saturday, with a ton of late sprinkled Magic dust, went (3-1) again, moving the Favorites in this years NBA Playoffs to (18-8)  Against the Vegas Point spread. This is not becoming a fun time for the Vegas Sportsbooks. We have had five Underdogs win Straight up against the Point spread, with the Totals overall now 15 OVERS and 11 UNDERS.

Saturday saw a gigantic comeback late by the Sixers, as they were able to sneak in a cover against the spread thanks to a late Free Throw Miss by Wade and two close shots in the paint by the Heat in the final 10 seconds. The Pelicans pulled off the shocking 4 game sweep of the Blazers, but you have to give mucho credit to the Blazers, down 3-0, they played as hard as anyone could’ve asked for. In fact, if you bet the Blazers (+6 1/2), you got a really tough beat late, as they trailed by only 1 in the final minutes. The betting world can be either very cruel, or very kind, but for most average Joe bettors, it’s only the cruel bad beat losses they remember.

Portland Blazers have now lost 10 straight Playoff games dating back to last two Playoff Series they were in. It’s time to make some big moves there as it’s clear this Lillard/McCallum show is not enough to beat teams with these new Giant Centers who are athletic and can run the floor with them.

The only Dog winner on Saturday came from the Minnesota T’Wolves, my Best Bet of the day. The Wolves (+6) were playing their first Home Playoff game in 14 years. Their fan base was even more jacked up then even I expected. They played like it was the 7th game of the Finals as every play gave his hardest effort on both ends of the court, and really it was a total domination by a Wolves team that is loaded with talent across the board. Chris Paul played his worst game in months, and James Harden may have gotten a large scoring sheet, but he was awful for the second straight night and not close to being an MVP type player. He has not shown yet this Playoffs or last he is a guy who can take over a Series himself. This Rockets team better wake up, and fast, as this T’Wolves team is well coached and they have star Jimmy Butler, even wobbling with a bad wheel, playing as hard as I’ve ever seen him. Add in D. Rose coming back from the dead, and this team is deep and can wear down a Rockets team that plays a shorter lineup.

SUNDAY 4/23 NBA VEGAS ODDS (lines as of 9am/PST Sunday morning)

*MILWAUKEE BUCKS (-5 1/2) (203 1/2) over BOSTON CELTICS (*late money all on Bucks here with 1 pt line move overnight)                            (Celtics lead Series 2-1)

GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS (-6 1/2) (205 1/2) over *S A SPURS (*small late money on Spurs from -7 last night)                                                 (Warriors lead Series 3-0)

TORONTO RAPTORS (-2 1/2) (217) over *WASHINGTON WIZARDS (*late money on Rators who were -2 overnight at most shops)           (Raptors lead Series 2-1).

CLEVELAND CAVS (-1)  (204 1/2) over *INDIANA PACERS (*huge late money on Cavs, as expected, moving Cavs from +1 dog to now -1 favorite)   (Pacers lead Series 2-1).

Final NBA Note: 3 of the 4 Road teams installed as the Favorite today. The Total on the Raptors/Wizards game has dropped 1 1/2 points overnight, with some sharp money on the Under.


Well the NHL playoffs have been very close for the most part, and even in the Sweeps of Series by the Knights and Sharks, most of these games have been competitive and close with many even going to Overtime. The Caps/Blue Jackets must think these games all must go to Overtime. They say the Best 2 minutes in Sports is the Kentucky Derby, but the best however minutes is NHL Overtime.

The Sportsbooks are doing pretty good so far, outside the public great love for the Vegas Knights, who just keep crushing the hometown Casino Sportsbooks. A long run of UNDER bets cashing (11-0-1) ended with 2 OVERS out of the 3 games on the Saturday docket. The Maple Leafs pulled off a gigantic Upset stopping the Bruins from winning the Series on it’s Home Ice, and advancing to the second round. Today, both the Penguins and the Preds have a chance to advance with a win. I am a Flyers fan and I have no clue what team will show up today. They play either great or awful. This one could be really excited if the Orange shirts come excited to play.

SUNDAY 4/23 NHL VEGAS  ODDS (*Lines as of 9am/Pst Sunday morning)


NASHVILLE PREDATORS (-180)  over *COLORADO AVALANCHE (TOTAL GOALS =  6)                                                           Note: Under is priced at (-120)


It may not be a Football Sunday today, but two NHL Game 6’s and what likely will be 3 very hard fought NBA games (Can’t really expect much from Spurs down 3 and still suffering from death of HC Pops wife just a few days ago. Enjoy the games and remember “NEVER BET WHAT YOU CAN NOT AFFORD TO LOSE”.



*Gary Greene is a longtime Professional Sports Bettor and Sports Handicapper in Las Vegas for over 30 years, as well as a longtime Radio and TV Personality and Football Betting Magazine Publisher as well, and one of the most Respected Handicappers in Las Vegas.