The H1Z1 Pro League hits Vegas this weekend

The H1Z1 Pro League, a partnership between Twin Galaxies and Daybreak Studios hits Las Vegas Saturday night from the new Caesars’ Entertainment Studio. Featuring over 15 pro teams and the already legendary H1Z1 Arena circle stage it’s not an event you want to miss.

If you DO have to miss it, the event will be streamed live exclusively on the H1Z1 Pro League Facebook Page

Learn more about the H1Z1 Pro League here.

 H1Z1 Pro League, the first professional battle royale esports league, is kicking off this weekend at Caesars in Las Vegas. 15 esports teams from around the world will descend on Sin City, ready to compete in this first-of-its-kind competition. Let this be your guide to the basics of the H1PL, from the overall format to each individual player taking up a controller on Saturday night. This primer will get you ready for all of the action, whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a brand new viewer, so make sure to keep it handy to answer any questions.

The H1Z1 Pro League finds itself in an interesting dilemma: it’s the first ever esports league in the Battle Royale format, with no precedence to lean on. As such this will be a completely new experience for everyone involved, but you’ll find that the format of this league will make for quick and easy viewing.

Campers and those with no kills are taken care of in the H1PL Scoring System, rewarding players for kills (and especially melee kills) as well as giving multipliers based on the team’s final ranking.

The full season is broken up into two halves called Splits. Split One runs every Saturday night from April 21 to June 20, there’s a brief mid-season break, and Split Two roars back to the every Saturday schedule from October 3 to December 5. The Inaugural H1PL Championship will take place soon after that, but a date and time has yet to be determined.

Each Split consists of two matches, and all fifteen teams in the H1PL play each match at the same time. While survival is the key in H1Z1 the scoring system of the H1PL will be a little more involved, and you can lick here for a primer on how each match will be scored. Each match will run about 35-45 minutes depending on the in-game action, meaning both matches will only require about two hours of viewing time.