PlayVs partners with the NFHS to deliver High School Esports to 19,500+ schools

The NFHS has partnered with startup PlayVs to create an official Esports program for High Schools across the US. Schools wishing to join the program must pay a $16 monthly fee and pass network and equipment qualifications for the devices students will use to play the games. Schools that qualify can participate in tournament seasons and have their events broadcast through the NFHS Network. (With over 50,000 other traditional sports matches per year)

As one would expect when dealing with gaming and minors, there’s some rules in place limiting the types of games that will be used for play by the program.


“First off, we’re doing no shooting games: no third-person, not first-person shooting, no battle royale, as much as that sucks, because the contents of the games are not friendly in a high school environment. We’re sensitive to all of the issues around violence in schools, and we do not want to promote that for the foreseeable future.

“We are very much focused on multiplayer online battle arenas, fighting and sports. We think those genres work, and there will be other genres we expand to as new genres grow within esports. Our entire system is designed to be plug-and-play, so as new games come out, we can plug that game in.”

Perhaps they will target games such as Rocket League, Street Fighter, Nintendo’s Splatoon 2 and others?

Below you will find the standard info for the partnership. For more information and to sign up go to the official PlayVs website.

When a student participates in sports and activities, the competitions are sanctioned through their state’s high school association. The National Federation of State High School Associations writes the rules and governance used by each state.

Similar to traditional sports like football, basketball, and soccer- the NFHS is adding esports to their roster of competitions. To do this, they have partnered with PlayVS to operate esports leagues to their network of over 19,500 high schools nationwide.

Matches will be shown alongside the other 50,000 high school sports events broadcasted on the NFHS Network this year.

Our inaugural season:

Preseason October
Students will test their skill and solidify their team in a series of exhibition matches. These low-stakes matches will only affect each team’s seeds at the beginning of the Regular Season.

Regular Season October until December
The fight for the State Championship begins! Each state is split into four conferences. During the Regular Season students compete in at least eight weekly matches against opponents with similar win ratios.

Postseason January
Top teams from each conference will compete against each other in the playoffs to secure their spot at the State Championship. Championships will take place at high schools or other venues within each state.