Well the Sportsbooks are not faring too well to start these 2018 NBA Playoffs, with the worst culprit the Spurs, who have simply been no shows in all 3 games. The Pelicans stay the super Surprise team, now up (3-0) on the Blazers, who have now lost a pathetic (9) straight Playoff games. The Favorites are now (12-7) overall, with three of those 12 tickets won by the huge fan favorite team, Golden State. Not good endings for the Sportsbooks.

The Sixers, playing first time in Playoffs with often injured Center Joel Embiid, really looked impressive. When healthy this guy is a beast that’s nearly impossible to stop. The “18 Playoffs are finding a ton of new young superstars in the making.  Embiid isn’t the Sixers only young stud, as this team has a few others too, making it now look like they could possibly do a ton more damage, and could even be the team to beat in the East.

The Raptors head into tonight’s game up 2 games to none on the hard to predict Wizards. The Raptors have been the best team all year in the East, and the Wizards nice season got ugly late, only able to secure the 8 seed with a bad finish to season. Tonight the Wizards though are the Favorite to win Game 3. They are a small (-1) point fav, total is (205 1/2). The Raptors have never played a Playoff Series without losing at least 2 games in any Series overall. They have been outstanding at Home, but just average on the Road. The Wizards need star Bradley Beal to get hot again. He was the teams best player all season, but the first 2 Playoff games have been just horrific. Beal is just (3-11) on 3’s and only (1-7) overall shooting in the key 4th quarters. Add in (0-4) on 3’s in both 4th quarters combined, in games where the Wizards were within striking distance. Wall has looked good in both second halves, and he usually plays at a much higher level in front of the home crowd.

The Cavs will look to take the Series lead at Indiana tonight, but that won’t be an easy task as no other Cavs player not named Lebron James has been a big factor thus far. The Pacers are primed to not only win tonight, but steal this Series if the Cavs supporting cast continues to be fruitless. The Cavs have gotten (70) points from King James, and next up best (24) from Kevin Love. Heck, James score (20) points in the first quarter alone in Game 2. Love also injured his thumb in Game 2, but he will start Game 3, with the thumb wrapped. Surprisingly, the Pacers, who will play in a sea of Gold tonight (all fans getting a nice gold t-shirt with “TOGETHER” on it,  are the favorites here in Game 3, with Vegas installing them as a (-1) point favorite, the total is (209).

The Bucks will look to avoid going down the dreaded (0-3) as they hope the home cooking changes the outcome they had in Beantown, which was two really bad overall performances. The Bucks are a (5) point favorite, with the total set at (205 1/2). The Bucks scoring has been all really inside, by star Giannis Antetokounmpo. He literally is a “bull in a China shop” and the Celtics simply can’t stop him. He must do what Lebron did in his Game 2 and take over the game, driving the ball inside and when double and triple covered, hit the wide open teammates for uncontested 3’s. The Bucks problem is they are using the entire bench, and they never seem to get any rhythm going. They also must play better Defense inside the lane as Boston is scoring too many easy layups, even in non turnover/fast break situations.

I’d fully expect to see all three games in the NBA tonight to be close ones to final buzzer.


We will back the Wizards tonight and lay (1) point at home. Wall has usually been outstanding at Home, and I feel like Beal will benefit too from the home cooking fans support and get off his cold shooting with a big night overall. The Raptors have always lost a game in every Playoff series they’ve been in, and the Wizards know losing here will surely doom this season. This is solid value, due to fact Raptors won Game 2 by a large margin. But the Wizards still have too many elite players to not win at least once in this Series. Bet the Wizards in Game 3 and cash in a winning ticket.

Gary Greene


*Gary Greene is a longtime Professional Sports Bettors/Handicapper for over 30 years, and is one of the most respected Vegas Sports Handicappers ever.