Russian Twitch Ban?

The Russian government has taken steps to ban messaging program Telegram and in the process knocked out access to Twitch and other Amazon and Google services around the country.

Via Reuters:

“Russia’s Roskomnadzor watchdog began blocking Telegram, a messaging service popular in Russia, on Monday after it refused to comply with a court order to grant state security services access to its users’ encrypted messages.
Roskomnadzor’s head Alexander Zharov said it had blocked 18 sub-networks and a significant number of IP-addresses belonging to Google and Amazon, the Interfax news agency reported.”

“We have currently informed both companies that a significant number of IP addresses located in the clouds of these two services have fallen under the block on the basis of the court ruling (to block Telegram),” Zharov was quoted as saying.”

Twitch users across Russia are reporting mixed results as far as access to stream via Twitch. While some inside Moscow it’s self seem to be fine, streamers like Angry Roleplayer below are having a full stop on Twitch.

Angry Roleplayer: “And this is not a joke. Most of us get 2000: Network Error.
This happened as a “side effect” of Russian authorities trying to block popular encrypted messenger called “Telegram”. It also created a massive collapse of many local internet services and businesses. As a full-time twitch-affiliated streamer I literally have no words and don’t know what to do from now on.”

While speculation is going all over the place right now, some think this is more than a simple mistake and is a sly move from the Russian Government to silence some of the public channels coming out of the country in the same style as North Korea.

We’ll update as more information comes in.