PUBG PC Patch 11 : New pans, plans and paints.

In PC Patch 1.0 – 11 PUBG Corp has added a few new things to the game:

First off is a newly minted skin for Thor’s Ham… I mean the Pan. This skin is available to all players directly for 5,000 battlepoints. No rolls needed!

Secondly they’ve added a visible line to the map you can view in the lobby. The line shows the exact flight path of the drop plane so you can better plan your landing. This way you can ask “Where we dropping boys?” before you’re even off the ground.

They’ve also shared the drop rates for the new weapon skin crates. Don’t hold your breath for that Shark Bite Kar 98…

Bugs Fixes:

-There should no longer be excessive blood effects when you’re getting shot in FPP mode or while aiming down sights.

-Fixed issue that sometimes caused blood effects to not show up when shooting other players.

-Fixed an issue that was causing character silhouettes to remain visible while inside smoke

-Switching weapons while prone should no longer cause certain animations to break

See the full patch notes here.