Overwatch : Lockout Elimination Playlist Added


Blizzard has added Elimination to the Competitive Playlist for Overwatch with the Lockout rule in place. The playlist will be active starting now until May 8th.

Official statement from Blizzard:

“We’re started a short Competitive 6v6 Elimination season at 0:00 UTC today, which is 5:00 PM PDT.

This season will end on May 8, 0:00 UTC, which is May 7 5:00 PDT.

The “Lockout” rule in place, so once a team wins with a hero it becomes unavailable for that team for the duration of the match. All the previous Elimination maps are available to play this season, but we’ve also added Ayutthaya to the mix as an Elimination map.

To play, simply choose the Competitive Elimination card in the Arcade!”